Tragedy as 25 die, 53 injured in Kano-Zaria road crash

In a tragic incident early Monday morning, a fatal road crash at Dangwaro Flyover along Kano-Zaria Road has claimed the lives of 25 persons, leaving 53 others injured. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), RS1.2 Kano Sector Command, confirmed the tragic event which occurred around 3:30 am.

The accident involved a trailer (IVECO) with registration number KMC 311 ZB, which reportedly lost control due to overspeeding. The trailer was carrying 90 individuals, resulting in significant casualties and injuries.

Fortunately, 12 people were rescued unhurt.

The Sector Commander, CC Ibrahim Abdullahi stated, “Preliminary investigations suggest that the probable cause of the crash was due to overspeeding and loss of control by the driver of the trailer.”

Rescue operations were promptly initiated by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and other emergency response agencies.

Items recovered from the scene included six motorcycles, ten mobile phones, animals (rams and goats), maize, and the sum of four thousand naira. The items are now in police custody.

“All victims of the road traffic crash have been swiftly transported to Murtala Specialist Hospital Kano for urgent medical attention,” said CRC Abdullahi Labaran, SPEO/PRO FRSC RS1.2 Kano Sector Command.

In light of the incident, Sector Commander Ibrahim Abdullahi has issued a stern warning to drivers and motorists.

“Transporting animals, goods, and human beings concurrently is an unsafe practice that not only endangers lives but also contravenes traffic regulations designed to ensure road safety,” he emphasised.

The FRSC urged all road users to adhere strictly to traffic laws and regulations to prevent further tragedies on Nigerian roads.



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