There should be an institution to vet award schemes –EMY Awards boss

Kojo Soboh, the Executive Director of EMY Africa, organisers of EMY Awards has suggested that there should be a regulatory body to check the credibility of award schemes.

He told Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z that the influx of award schemes in Ghana is getting out of hands.

“I think that we have some really good award schemes, and then we have people who think that it is a money-making venture so they just come and just do anything and just get away with it.

So for me I think that there should be an institution that will vet award schemes and then they will not just give anybody the certificate or the permission to just do awards. Because what are you awarding? And position are you in to be able to say this person is the best in this or the best in that. There should be some regulation because the influx of award is just getting too much,” he said in the interview.

He however noted that there are some good award schemes like the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the 3Music Awards, the Glitz Awards, and the EMY Awards.

“These are awards that we can say they are doing well, it is very well represented and people respect. But then I think that there should be some regulation so that that space can be checked,” he noted.

The proliferation of awards schemes in Ghana has become a great concern to a lot of people as some award organisers seem to use their schemes to exploit nominees and their fans.

For some people, a lot of the mushrooming awards are not serving any good purpose for the arts industry, and for that matter should be scrapped.



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