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‘The cars I drive are not mine’

Akuapem Poloo

Ghanaian actress sat on the Delay Show and was pushed by the host to spill the beans. After having been spotted several times with a Mercedes Benz online, Akuapem Poloo also flaunted another new Honda Civic recently with a customized number plate.

Talking about the car, Delay asked that “recently you launched a new car on social media, that’s nice, who bought it for you?“.

In a reply, the actress said it was borrowed for just for stunt. According to her, she did so after succumbing to social media pressure.

I was pressured by social media to flaunt a car that wasn’t mine. It’s the Honda Civic with the customized number plate you’re referring to. It’s not mine. It has Poloo 1 customized as it’s number plate,” she boldly said.

She continued that, “it was all for fame, it was someone’s car and I placed a customized number plate on it just to flaunt on social media“.

This comes to further confirm Yvonne Nelson’s comment on how most celebrities have been living fake lives online.

During an interview with Adom TV, Yvonne said “it’s not only in Ghana but everywhere. You can see someone on social media in a private jet but the person may be a musician shooting a music video or the plane may not be moving, but people see it and think about all the luxuries they don’t have. Social media is all about the fake life“.

Credit: pulse.com.gh

Compiled by Nana Kwesi Coomson


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