Tabora Mantse advises youth to avoid reckless motorbike riding

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the Tabora Mantse, Nii Klɔtia Ayikwei Tutu Alamŋle, has urged young people, particularly those who ride motorbikes, to follow traffic safety regulations.

“Over the years, there has been a hike in road accidents during Christma,s and the political season. I’m appealing to my youth to be cautious this festive season in order to reduce the accident cases recorded,” he said.

Speaking at his induction ceremony at Kaneshi Accra’s Asere Mantse Palace, Nii Klɕtia Ayikwei Tutu Alamŋle—who also happens to be the chief of the Asere-Kronaa and Neefu Jorbu-We Nii Akwashong I—emphasized the importance of industry to the advancement of society.

In addition, he promised to use all of the resources at his disposal to promote harmony and development in Ga Mashie’s Asere-Kotopong, which is part of the Greater Accra Region.

He claims that industrialisation holds the key to empowering the many young people in the Ga Mashie enclave because it can boost employment, income, taxes, exports, foreign exchange earnings, and foreign direct investment, all of which can provide a means of employment for the younger generation.

“I am bent on ensuring that every youth within the Ga Mashie and its environs benefits from my industrialisation drive. This drive is to ensure that the youth get a hands-on job to cater to their daily needs and those of their immediate family to help prevent any negative practices,” he said.

Similarly, Naa Amorkor Shikafutru I, who was also inducted as Amartse-We Manye pledged her commitment to championing computer literacy through the provision of a model computer laboratory that will serve the Ga Mashie community. This according to her will bridge the computer literacy gap.

“Given how common computers and the internet are in the information age it’s tempting to take digital technology For this I will enhance the championing of my computer literacy project which seeks to educate the young ones on the relevance of social media and technology in today’s era,” she said.

During the induction ceremony, the traditional rulers killed two alpine goats and poultry while the indigenous people cheered and fired muskets.

In the Asere Mantě palace, this ritual was carried out under the supervision of Asere Djaasetse Ni Amarkai III, Asere Mantɛ Nii Asere Boi VII, Ga State Akwashongmantsś Nii Kwartei Kojo II, and other high-ranking officials.


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