Sunyani residents stealing granite chippings for road construction

The Bono Regional Coordinating Council (BRCC) has warned residents to put an immediate stop to the stealing of ongoing Sino-hydro Corporation granite road construction chippings.

The Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu Banahene, who issued the statement on behalf of the Council, said they may be compelled to search homes and construction sites for stolen road construction materials, especially granite chippings.

Some unscrupulous persons have been stealing chippings being used by Sino-hydro Corporation Limited, the construction firm constructing the 29 kilometres Sunyani inner city roads.

The statement, however, cautioned that those engaged in these shameful acts were being advised to desist from the act immediately.

The Regional Minister noted that failure to do so would compel the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) to do random checks in some houses and private construction sites in search of culprits, and those found culpable would be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the BRCC is appealing to the public to report persons seen stealing any of the construction chippings to the police.

She said: “It is so disheartening that today the contractor has done very well to push the project further by bringing some bitumen and chippings for us to witness black roads in some part of the 29klm inner city roads.”

According to Madam Owusu Banahene, some residents who chastised the government as being insensitive were the same people who turned around to sweep off the shoulder chippings. “It is so bad that you will find the same people go and destroy what we have built.”


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