Suicidal Thoughts

There often comes a time where one would feel that the weight of life is a heavy one to carry thus tends to give up on the struggle and sometimes prefer to end their lives in the bid to free themselves of the pain they feel deep within. It’s not wrong to have these suicidal thoughts running through your mind, what makes it wrong is keeping these thoughts to yourself. Suicidal thoughts are thoughts about how to kill oneself which could be a detailed plan but does not necessarily include the final act of killing oneself. Suicide, the intentional act of killing oneself is one of the main effects that can draw out from these suicidal thoughts, though some may have these suicidal thoughts and not kill themselves, others may willingly proceed with the act which is wrong.

These thoughts of ending one’s life is an important subject to be taken serious,there is  much to live life for and as you sit to reflect on your life from where it began to where it is now one can honestly tell that you’re not where you used to be. Where you find yourself currently may not seem all rosy but once you ponder over your old phase and recall you’re not who you used to be there is an assurance of hope that things will get better with you. Loosing hope in yourself and on life is a negative thing that handicaps your mind and mentally cages you.

This feeling makes you feel tied to the chains of negativity in thinking to yourself that there’s no longer any form of hope to lean on. Hope, a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen is what one must learn to have. Hope builds our expectancy in having everything that makes life beautiful and peaceful. A place where hope is not found gives room for many to say these negative words that “all hope is lost in life”, this builds up more negative thoughts in your mind and may whisper into your ears to finally give in to suicide.

What problems are you facing?

What may cause suicidal thoughts in one’s mind may differ for that of another person reason being that every individual created uniquely differs in many ways. An individual’s daily struggle may  not be same as the other. One may sit to wonder how and why there’s an increasing rate of suicide in the world today this is mostly due to the failure of the victims of suicide to seek the needed help and attention for their mental freedom. People who struggle with suicidal thoughts often bottle so much within them for the fear of being judged concerning their problems. Individually create an awareness of suicide to bring to the attention of many that life is going to get better.

Allowing the pressure of the world to weigh you down may be detrimental to your mental health. Others may be battling academic failure, financial instability, emotional trauma, depression, marital breakdown, relationship misunderstanding, Joblessness, Severe ailments and many others. Suicide shouldn’t be an option; you haven’t fully accomplished the task God has assigned you here on earth so why opt for suicide?

Once the thought of Suicide or suicidal thoughts are troubling your mind, don’t keep the thought within you, share it with a brethren ,it may be someone who has once gone through your pain ,a counsellor or someone of sound mind who can help you to overcome these thoughts. Taking one’s own life is not a way to put an end to the problems, as life goes on, we must all go through trails and we must as well go through pain, these actually help us to study life well and know the path on which to trail to our success.

If you are suffering in any state you find yourself, I just want you to know that, that situation or condition you may find yourself in is not a permanent one. Shed tears if you have to in order to relieve yourself of the pain you feel, you ending your life means, you have thrown away your Christian ethics, you have forgotten there’s a God to lean on, and perhaps you have forgotten His undying love for you. Don’t let that be your story. The greener pastures you may be seeking after now may not be easy to get to now due to your current condition yet remember that only those who keep running the race get to their expected end. Until you keep running the race you may not see the light that shines in the end. I encourage you to keep your goals in mind and fight the good fight to make it in life.

Suicidal thoughts are bound to take place in each and everyone’s mind but we need the grace of the Lord to overcome these thoughts, I urge you to stay strong in the Lord, don’t let these thoughts overshadow your mind and your faith in God. Whenever the feeling of loneliness engulfs you, get yourself engaged in a craft or a skill and get yourself closer to those you love, family and friends, play your favorite game or have a great talk with them, this will help you reduce the burden on your mind and reduce the mental stress you’re facing. To get rid of suicidal thoughts its better to never be alone as loneliness gives room for more confusion and may lead you to question your existence on earth, this may be unhealthy for you. Speak to a psychotherapist or a counselor about your mind battles.

Counselling is a time and moment of reflection where you’re able to pour out your words of pain or bitterness and pour it all out to the counselor or therapist depending on which you would prefer, there’s an assurance of a feeling of refreshing after this session. This may not be the entire solution to all your problems but rest assured your mental stress will heal and you will get better. You may indeed feel your life is shattered but I want to encourage you to pick up the broken pieces and forge ahead.

Don’t let things of the past come in your way. There are better opportunities, if only you will dig into the future you will experience them. Do not commit suicide, God is in our tomorrow and has a promise with your name on it. All He’s saying is Hold on. Don’t give up on God because He hasn’t, cannot and will never give up on you. The world needs you alive, before you take that concoction or poisonous drug remember that you’re the apple of God’s eye and you matter.

Jaclyn Essien

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