Stonebwoy’s wife addresses rumours surrounding her role in husband’s management team

Dr. Louisa Ansong Satekla, wife of Afro-Dancehall musician Stonebwoy has addressed rumours surrounding her role in her husband’s management team which many point to her as the cause of the cracks.

In clarifying her role, she said that she manages the ‘Livingstone Foundation’ and not the Stonebwoy brand itself.

In an interview on ‘The Day Show,’ the Dentist wife of Stonebwoy expressed her surprise at how the assumption came about, stating; “I manage the ‘Livingstone Foundation,’ but Stonebwoy has an entire management team. I don’t know where that story originated from, but everyone seems to have believed it. I think one time he made an inside joke about ‘Management 101,’ and from that day on, people just assumed I was the manager.”

As a mother of two, Dr. Louisa believes that managing Stonebwoy alone would be challenging, adding that; “For now, I have a lot on my plate, so managing Stonebwoy will be difficult because he is a huge brand. I think a team works better.”

The misconception about Dr. Louisa’s role as Stonebwoy’s manager has persisted for years, stemming from previous changes in Stonebwoy’s management team.

In 2017, Stonebwoy split with Karl Gid, their former manager, due to a dispute over revenue sharing, and Blakk Cedi took over as his official manager.

In 2019, Stonebwoy confirmed a split with Blakk Cedi, stating that Blakk Cedi currently serves as his agent after a restructuring within their camp. While acknowledging significant changes in their management structure, Stonebwoy refrained from disclosing further details to the media.


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