Start taxing churches – KwawKese to government

Leader of the ‘Abodam’ Movement, KwawKese is calling on the government to start taxing churches in Ghana as a matter of urgency.

The ‘My thing’ hitmaker is of the view that Ghanaian pastors make a lot of money from the congregants and as such, taxing them will cushion the country with additional income to help develop the country.
He further called on the government to investigate the lavish lifestyles of some of the Pastors amidst tasking government to tax churches for national development.
In his own words; “I know what I’ve said some Pastors will come and make doom prophecies against me but it doesn’t make sense that in Ghana, people are hungry but the pastor has built mansions and has a lot of cars to their credit. Meanwhile, people are hungry,” he said in an interview with Kingdom Plus FM which was monitored by The Chronicle.
“When you are in traffic you will get sad. Kids as young as 2 years are in traffic begging. When have you heard a Church say that it will provide shelter for all these homeless individuals?” he quizzed.


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