Sonnie Badu shares details on domestic accident that almost took his life

Trending on social media for holding crutches as a result of domestic accident, Sonnie Badu has opened up about its details.

Sharing a vivid narration of the incident, the gospel minister said he slipped on the staircase between the car park and the swimming pool, and his legs were caught in between the rails.

Explaining the severity of the incident, Sonnie Badu expressed that he was caught between balancing the fall with either his foot or head, adding that he would’ve been dead if his head had experienced the damage.

In a discussion on United Showbiz, the ‘Wonder God’ hitmaker disclosed that his grandmother died from a similar fate.

“Where I live, we are barely supplied with water. We always use a tank, On Thursday, I woke up at 5 am and I saw the sprinklers so I was excited and I started watering the flowers.

People had parked some marble on the compound so I was cleaning it. Between the swimming pool and the car park, there was a little staircase with metal rails, so do the calculation. I slipped. I just had to balance with my head or balance with my foot.

My instincts played funny. My toe literally went in between the rails. That’s what killed my grandmother, my mother’s mom. She slipped on the same staircase from up to down and died.

“So, we went to Leicester and the doctors did a great job at stitching during a surgery. a 2-hour surgery. I had to watch everything they did. I didn’t make them sedate me. By the grace of God, they’ve assured me that I should be healing before the event. Everything I am doing is just safety measures, so I don’t trigger the wound. If that happens, I’d have to go back to the theatre,” he established.

Touching on claims that the entire development was a mere stunt, with the sole objective of grasping attention towards his forthcoming concert on December 9th, he expressed; “It’s not a stunt, when you see my mother’s face you can tell that she has been worried. I am grateful I am alive because if it were my head, I don’t know where I would’ve been. I left my wife and children at home, they wouldn’t have seen me again. I am 100% okay.”


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