Shatta Walelaunches ‘Shaxi’

Dancehall king Shatta Wale launched his new rideshare app known as ‘Shaxi’ yesterday at the Alisa Hotel. Shata Wale is venturing into the rideshare business, which is quite big in Ghana these days.

Since Uber and Bolt (Taxify)and other options likeYango have popped up and they are all reasonably well patronized,Shata Wale has announced for a while that he’s considering venturing into this business.

He announced the name as ‘Shaxi’ (Shatta Wale Taxi) and said he will be launching it eventually.

We waited and waited and even thought it will not come to fruition but for once Shatta Wale has kept his word.

At the Alisa Hotel yesterday, the self-proclaimed dancehall king is launched his new business.



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