Samini announces return to music after completing GIMPA

Dancehall Artiste Samini, has announced his return to music following a break he took to pursue higher education.

The Artiste pursued a degree in project management at GIMPA Business School.

During his academic journey, Samini put his music career on hold, making the decision to prioritize his studies and fulfill a promise he had made to his biggest fan and source of inspiration, his mother.

Samini took to Twitter to share the news of completing his project management degree program at GIMPA Business School and eagerly awaits his graduation.

In a tweet, he expressed, “Morale. You can do it NO MATTER HOW LATE. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.”

Not only did Samini excel academically, but he also served as the President of the Student Representative Council at GIMPA, showcasing his leadership skills alongside his pursuit of knowledge.

Samini is looking forward to returning to the music scene, news which has given the fans much excitement.

In a statement, he declared, “Back to the music. Lol. Dem no ready for what’s cooking smh.”


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