Russian group calls for protests against Putin’s war mobilisation

A Russian anti-war movement has called for demonstrations across the country in protest against President Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilisation” decree.

Vesna Youth Democratic Movement said protests will take place in cities and towns across Russia at 7pm local time (16:00 GMT) on Wednesday.

“We call on the Russian military in units and at the frontline to refuse to participate in the ‘special operation’ or to surrender as soon as possible,” Vesna said in an appeal on its website, referring to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“You don’t have to die for Putin,” the statement continued. “You are needed in Russia by those who love you. For the authorities, you are just cannon fodder, where you will be squandered without any meaning or purpose.”

The website also included a hotline for soldiers within the military who do not want to participate in the war.

The call follows Putin’s televised address earlier on Wednesday, where he said he was defending Russian territories and that the West wanted to destroy the country.



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