Russia angered by visit to Norway of largest US aircraft carrier

Russia has called a visit by the world’s biggest warship, the USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier, to Oslo in Norway an “illogical and harmful” show of force at a time of heightened tensions.

In a show of NATO firepower, the 337-metre (1,106 ft) nuclear-powered ship sailed for the first time into the Oslo Fjord under escort on Wednesday, where it will stay for several days before heading to the Arctic for military exercises, according to Norwegian media.

The highly-publicised visit, which comes amid tensions between the West and Russia over the war in Ukraine, was denounced by the Russian embassy in Norway.

NATO member Norway shares a land border with Russia as well as a maritime border in the Barents Sea.

“There are no questions in the [Arctic] north that require a military solution, nor topics where outside intervention is needed,” the Russian embassy in Olso said in a Facebook post.

Russian embassy spokesman Timur Chekanov told the French news agency AFP that the demonstration of military might in Norway was baffling and unwelcome.

“Considering that Oslo admits that Russia poses no direct military threat to Norway, such shows of force seem illogical and harmful,” he told AFP in an email.

A vast no-fly airspace and sea ban has been implemented around the USS Gerald R Ford, which can transport up to 90 aircraft and helicopters and is expected to remain moored in the Norwegian capital for several days.



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