Revival Outreach Church Int. donates to Teshie Children’s Home

The Revival Outreach Church International, as part of the Easter celebrations, donated assorted items such as bags of rice, sugar, gallons of cooking oil, soft drinks, toiletries, mineral water, bags of gari, and lot more to the Teshie Children’s Home.

The church, under the leadership of Reverend Professor Abednego Okoe Amartey, made the donation on Easter Friday, which marked the remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Christian religious calendar.

Rev. Prof Amartey, after the donation to the Home, which was made up of 23 orphans and other vulnerable children, told the media that giving to the needy in society was mandatory or a requirement of the church.

He said Easter was all about showing love, just as Jesus Christ gave his life to the world as a token of love, and it was the priceless gift humanity had ever received.

Regarding whether the church was sure that the items would be used for the purpose underlying the donation, he admitted that while the church had no monitory mechanism to track the usage of the item, the church trusted the management of the Home to do what was the right thing.

According to him, it was important that people trusted one another to enable those who need support to access it, and also if the Home management was acting contrary to the expectation of the law and society, he wondered how they had survived all these years.

When the question was posed to him, as to whether he would advise members against donating cash to the church via mobile money due to the Electronic Transaction Levy, Rev. Prof Amartey quoted Jesus Christ: “Give what belonged to Caesar to Caesar, and what belongs to God to God.”


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