Retired BNI officer escapes death by a hair’s breadth

Police in Tema are on the heels of a painter, Koffi Elom Sewonou, aka Francis Gomez, aka Hakeem Lion, who allegedly attempted to murder a retired officer of the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) last month at Community 10.

Information available to The Chronicle from both police and family sources reveal that the incident occurred on Friday, February 23, 2024 in the offices of the retired national intelligence officer.

According to the sources, the former officer has put together a number of businesses and engages the services of Elom Sewonou as and when they were required. Along the line, the relationship between the two was not as before, primarily due to some elements of mistrust.

However, each time that his services were curtailed, outsiders intervened for his recall.

On the said day, Francis Gomez, who the retired officer assisted to put up his personal house at Aflao in the Volta Region, reportedly walked to the offices of his boss and attempted to strangulate the 76-year old.

The former officer with enormous skills in self-defence struggled with all the strength that he could master against the would-be assassin.

The unusual noise that emerged from the office attracted other workers who went to his aid.

Elom Sewonou, who speaks Ewe and French, managed to escape and his whereabouts are still unknown.

A family source intimates to this paper that the company has experienced series of robberies in the past three years in both Tema and Ningo outlets.

The source added that, the one in Ningo nearly two years ago occurred at a gas filling station, during which time the security man on duty was tied and murdered.

During that raid, the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) accessories (cameras and monitors) were removed.

The Police, who are yet to announce a bounty of handsome reward for any information that would lead to his arrest, highly suspected that he might be hiding around Tema, Aflao or Elubo in the Western Region.


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