Rejoinder: Our party is corrupt to the core, it will die soon – Amoako Baah

The rancid utterances of Professor Amoako Baah have become one too many to keep mute over especially that he is on a mission to self-destruct his political relevance being blinded by the hypnotic effect of a separatist crybaby, Alan Kyerematen, who has decided to take to flight on the feeble wings of a butterfly than make a grand entrance into the 2025 New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, in shaa ALLAH, on the shoulders of an elephant that will surely stampede the few butterflies fluttering alongside their Monarch (afrafranto)!

Maybe, the incompatible cap that bops on the cushion he wears on his head has rendered him incapable of telling the difference between the slight gloss on the butterfly’s wings from the aurora that accompanies the shine of NPP’s elephant!

Then again, how can he not make such an assertion to the effect that our party is corrupt to the core and will soon die when he has gone everywhere to preach tribalism and divisiveness in the hope that the few extremists in the party will have their way by coercion and arm-twisting of some sort?

Where, at all, did he ever hear that NPP is for his ilk alone and that if they did not have their way, they would rather kill the party and disenfranchise over eighteen million members and sympathisers?

Which executives was he referring to as corrupt? Justin Kodua? Definitely not! That guy is about the best general secretary NPP has had thus far! Steven Ntim? Certainly not! Chairman has proven that he is the one, who should have come a long time ago! By making such disparaging remarks, he is insulting Sammy Awuku, that young dynamic man no one can point a finger at with any instance of corruption, and all the others who have served the party well.

He claims allegiance to the NPP but was close enough to the NDC to be appointed as the Board chair of the Kumasi Polytechnic in 2015, which upon further consultations, and knowing that the defeat of the NDC was imminent, declined the appointment. So, what is expected of someone like that when the tides don’t turn in his favour?

Of course, an ardent ally and supporter of Alan Kyerematen cannot but speak ill of Akufo-Addo and the NPP because in the process of metamorphosis into the weightless and weak butterfly he had to shed his sheath to expose his two-timing standards as both a sympathizer of the NDC and cohort in the NPP, taxidermising his reputation as part elephant part butterfly perched on the tip of NDC’s umbrella.

I find it shameful that he should be talking so much dunk and junk with a reputation that is beginning to stink like a skunk! If the recent happenings did not occur, I would never have imagined that there are some folks in our party who would rather disenfranchise everyone if their demands were not met!

They have introduced bigotry to a whole new level in much an unprecedented manner, and it is for this reason that NPP’s victory at the polls in 2024 will be an opportunity to heal the party by flushing away the stool in our midst; those very dirty people who wish no good for their brethren because they hail not from their locality.

And how does it figure that Professor Amoako Baah remains an NPP person when all his utterances point to a schizophrenic, suffering the urge to soil himself socially, politically, and ethically? He needs to be brought to order or be told to be bold enough to hop onto his friend’s butterfly and flutter away into the foliage of a forest to forage for votes!

Or better still, start his own political party. Maybe he should call it TPP, Taxidermy People’s Party. Motto: Be counted if you want to hang on the walls of hunters!

By Fadi Dabbousi


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