For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his Glory. (2Corinthians 1:20).Can I take you back to the promises of God? His word and promises for your life never change, we read countless scriptures in the bible that reassures us of our existence and worth in Christ yet still many Christians are not edified and fulfilled enough to carry on with their lives together with their daily activities due to one situation or another that allows doubting Gods power to dominate in their lives. Meditate on His word in your heart each day reminding yourself of His promises concerning your life. He formed you before He knew you, He made provision for us all and this assures us that we have everything. Declare over your life that you’ll flourish and prosper thus you’ll rest solely on Gods promises over your life, it’s the best for you.

Child of God, reach back to the promise of God. You may have doubted the promise the day you got discouraged or the day that tragedy hit you but go back to it.God is waiting on you, He says come. What are His promises? That He will uphold you with His righteous right hand, He will strengthen and help you overcome that addiction, lust and any other thing you’re negatively involved in, that He’ll cleanse us from all unrighteousness and forgive us. What a good and loving father, a great cheerleader and the source of our joy has made all these promises and provisions for us even before He formed us. Wherever you are right now, whatever has or is going on in your life you’re still a partaker of Gods promises. Every soul that exists on earth forms part of His blessings and promises for we are one before the father. Embark on that journey of reaching back to the promises of God and enjoy that warmth and peaceful atmosphere it gives.

Acceleration is possible, we are however required to  reach back to the promise of God reminding ourselves daily of what God has in store specially for us. Don’t allow your speech betray you, speak positivity over your talents, job, soul, relationships with people together with your family and friends. The power in your mouth to declare Gods promises determines your level of understanding towards what God actually means by “His promises “for us as His children. Reach back to the promise and stay assertive that your Amen will pave way for your breakthrough. Write that lyric and song even while you’re yet to be discovered, move that part of your body that couldn’t move for by His stripes we are healed, persist even while there’s no hope, quit that addiction even while you recall how it feels so good. Why? Because God has better and has assured us this in His numerous promises for our lives written in His word (The Bible). Psalm 84:11 for the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Beloved, walk uprightly with the Lord and embrace His promises for your life.

A shield in brokenness, a manual to guard our hearts and lives, scriptures with sweet words that capture the soul. Meditating on its truth keeps the mind in focus and in tune with ones passion and purpose. This is the “Perfect word of God” We are individually blessed without measure that most of us are oblivious of that truth and find it hard to come to terms with it.We are so blessed that there’s power in our positive words which can change and turn things around in our own lives. Once we are rooted in the word, stand firm in the word and meditate on it in our hearts daily, it speaks to our souls and reminds us daily of our source and whom we are actually living for. We need to be buried and soaked in the word and most importantly “live and walk in the truth of the word”. Don’t just talk about God and the Word, know God for yourself to sooth your soul.

We are an embodiment of Christ, our lives must be filled with relevant content comprising of the word of God. Truthfully when the word lives in you, you are filled up with its content, don’t just come as a package, be filled with content too. A package without content is empty. Don’t be an empty Christian but rather be filled with the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Double check with God and His word before planning your life and making critical decisions. Once we are rooted in the Word and walk in it we are able to proclaim of God’s goodness with our lives wherever we go. Our lifestyle and how we carry ourselves must preach to people. Allow the sweet aroma of God and His word surround you. The key thing is to avail yourself, If you feel you have drifted away from the word it’s not late get connected back to it and be filled with its content.

Continue to slay with the word of God in your heart, pursue that career and allow your lifestyle there to emulate Christ, being rooted in the word is not restricted to knowing God only in our silent places, once we discover God and are rooted in His word in our secret place of intimacy with Hamlet us make sure to carry God wherever we go. Preach God and His word with your life, positive words of impact and good deeds for the rest of your life, it’s a continuous process, We are not doing God a favor by being rooted in His word, we rather do ourselves Great favor since we not only discover Him more for ourselves but we help others discover God as well. Beloved be rooted in the word, remain happy with the word, Get your swag on with the word on your lips. Be filled with the content of the word, it is time to fill our package with some spirit filled content. Let’s get rooted in the Word together it’s a beautiful thing to do. It helps you stay connected to God and it helps God recognize the highest standard you have placed him in your life and this pushes him to step into your situation and dine with you as well. Do this on a daily basis. It’s helpful. God bless you.

Jaclyn Essien


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