Prince Kamal Gumah picks No. 3 on the ballot

The national executive aspirants of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) participated in the recent balloting processes to help determine how each aspirant will be positioned on the ballot paper for the elections scheduled for July 17.

After the exercise came to an end, National Youth Organiser aspirant, Prince Kamal Gumah picked number 3 on the ballot paper. A supporter of Prince Gumah explained that the number 3 is a divine number and shows the connection to the spiritual realm and spiritual forces that can help us reach our goals. To him, Prince Gumah is already a winner after picking the number 3.

Mr Kamal Gumah, few weeks ago launched his campaign to run for the position of National Youth Organiser of the NPP. The incumbent, Henry Nana Boakye (Nana B), will not be standing, leaving the race open for the new contestants.

Addressing the media in Accra on Tuesday, he said that he worked as a border guard for the party in the 1996 elections in the northern part of the country, to prevent foreigners from crossing into the country from Burkina Faso and Togo to vote for the NDC.

Mr. Prince Kamal Gumah also disclosed some constituencies and individuals that have benefited from his philanthropic activities. “I supported most constituencies, in the 2020 elections, I donated 76 motorbikes to 24 constituencies, I constructed another 49 boreholes for 28 communities and most of the regions around the country benefited from my activities to support Nana Addo to win the election,” he stated.

He also added that his commitment to ensuring the success of the party in the diaspora was remarkable. “I joined the North American branch in 2005 where I worked with the likes of Asenso Boakye. So we worked till 2012. I was then appointed as Nasara Coordinator for the New Jersey chapter till 2018 after which I was elected as the Organiser of the New Jersey chapter. I was appointed as Deputy Youth Organiser of the entire branch of the USA.

“In 2016 I was part of the group that adopted over 125 constituencies to support the NPP to win power. We supported the NPP with resources and logistics for the famous constituency, Saboba, to ensure we win the power for NPP”.

Mr Gumah said he would ride on his experience as a successful businessman to create job opportunities for the youth, and also train those with business ideas to establish their own businesses.

He added that he would use the opportunity to also enrich the skills of youth through training programs, equipping them with resources to enable them to build their self-esteem levels.

He said when given the nod as National Youth Organiser, he would set up a 24-hour communication centre at his office to take the concerns of the Party youth and work to address them.

He stressed that the party’s agenda of securing total victory depends on the youth, adding that he will work closely to ensure it yields results. “70% of Nana Addo’s vote came from the youth and if the youth are dissatisfied where is the youth.”

He said TESCON and other Youth Volunteer Groups will be made more vibrant with a focus on Recruitment, Training and Capacity Building, as well as Volunteerism. Prince Kamal Gumah said he will facilitate the construction of a permanent National Youth Secretariat, among other objectives.


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