Powerful Simple Home Remedies for Treating Foot Rot with Ease

Dear Readers, I come your way with this interesting health tips on simple home remedies for treating footrot. Foot rots sometimes can be disturbing, cause discomfort and can be very difficult to treat based on many factors which we have not taken into consideration; some of the possible causes aside the fungal infection are elucidated below;

Sometimes the type of sock we put on makes curing foot rot difficult; the use nylon type of sock is not the best for the Africa weather especially in the dry seasons. During the dry season, the heat intensity is unbearable; this makes us sweat profusely.

The nylon type of sock is a good conductor of heat, this will make your feet sweat a lot and the longer you wear these tight shoes with nylon sock makes the fight of footrot an issue.

Also, people with footrot should change their socks frequently, some people can use one sock throughout the whole week without changing or washing, if you are fond of this behavior and you want to treat footrot quickly then it cannot be possible. Change your socks frequently and washed them very well as often as you could.

Again, Please when taking your bath wash between your toes thoroughly and very well. Soaps that you find allergic to your skin must not be used. And encourage the art of washing your foot immediately when you get home. Washing of the foot after the long walk or wearing of the shoe makes feet clean from the sweats and infections.

Some of the simple home remedies are;

Soak your feet in water and salt solutions, this practice helps a lot in clearing all bacteria and germs from the feet. Let the water be a bite warm and add the salt to it, wait for about five minutes for the salt to dissolve before placing your feet into it. Do this frequently to see the drastic change.

Cleaning between your toes with lime or lemon 10 minutes before a bath is one of the best remedies to foot rot. The acidic content in the lime or lemon kills the fungal or germs infections causing the foot rot. It is very effective and continuous practices will yield good results.

Baking soda also does magic when treating footrot. It contains sodium carbonate that bacteria cannot survive under it; hence mixing it with lime and warm water will help treat the foot rot with ease.

Those with feet that sweat a lot should try Vinegar, it will keep the feet dry and fight against bacteria and germs infections. Soak the foot in warm water with vinegar for 20 minutes daily for effective results.

Please don’t forget to wear more cotton made socks and clean your feet very well before putting on the sock. You should also avoid wearing tight shoes and socks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. You may have any homemade remedies to treat footrot, you can share in the comment section below so that we all learn. Please don’t forget to like, share, and follow me for more exciting articles.

By Nanakwaku Asiedu (self media writer)

Source: https://gh.opera.news


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