Politics is serious business, focus on creative arts …Ola Michael advises Lilwin

Michael Kwaku Ola, an independent filmmaker, events producer, and on-air personality, has offered his advice to Kumawood actor and comedian Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly known as Lilwin, regarding his foray into politics.

Ola Michael emphasized that engaging in politics is a significant endeavor that requires seriousness and dedication, unlike the casual nature of a concert.

He urged Lilwin to reconsider his decision to enter politics and instead focus on his creative career.

Speaking on the UTV Showbiz Night, Ola Michael expressed concerns about the advice Lilwin is receiving from those close to him, suggesting that the encouragement to pursue a political career might ultimately backfire and yield unfavorable results.

He proposed that Lilwin should direct his resources towards his existing ventures or other worthwhile endeavors, rather than diverting them into the political arena.

“The truth might be uncomfortable, but being a member of parliament is a serious undertaking, not a mere concert. I believe it’s too early for him to be contemplating politics. He should concentrate on managing his school and nurturing his creative talents,” Ola Michael commented.

He further advised against Lilwin’s potential venture into politics and recommended that the actor take to heart the guidance provided by individuals such as former President Mahama, who cautioned against pursuing a political path.

“Even former President Mahama advised him not to go into politics, he should pay heed to that advice. I think he should not try venturing into politics, he should throw his resources into something worth spending on”.

Source; pulse.com.gh


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