Philipa Baafi bags 1st Class after returning to school after age 40

Gospel singer Philipa Baafi has expressed deep gratitude to God for guiding her successfully through her educational journey despite facing significant challenges.

Recounting her story, she revealed that she lost both her parents by the time she reached Senior High School (SHS), which made life more complicated. However, she remained determined to excel in her studies.

The renowned artist shared that due to her circumstances, she couldn’t pursue further education after SHS.

Yet, after finding stability through her music career, she pursued a medical course (Physician Assistant) at the tertiary level. Remarkably, she graduated with first-class honors despite being over 40 years old.

I lost my parents during my primary school years, and my mother passed away when I entered SHS. Although I excelled academically, it was a challenging period for me. Besides my passion for music, I harbored a strong desire to pursue a career in medicine,” she recounted in a video shared by Zionfelix.

Regarding her absence from the music scene, Philipa’s husband, Dr. Kwame Karikari, explained that she intentionally paused her music career to further her education and enhance her qualifications to maintain relevance.

He disclosed that she dedicated four years to studying to become a physician assistant. Now, with her return to music, he announced that she’s officially making a comeback to the industry.

Philipa Baafi is widely recognized in Ghana for her numerous hit songs, including ‘Go Higher’ and ‘I Go Dance,’ among others.



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