Peru’s Prime Minister quits amid claims of influence peddling

Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola has resigned following the release of audio recordings that allegedly featured him using his influence to help his love interest get government contracts.

Otarola tendered his resignation on Tuesday after television programme Panorama broadcast the recordings over the weekend.

Announcing his resignation, Otarola told reporters in Lima he had been framed by political opponents. He claimed his rivals had manipulated and edited the recordings, which he said were made before he entered office in 2022.

However, Otarola said on X that he was resigning “to give peace of mind to the president and recompose the cabinet”.

In the audio recordings, Otarola, 57, appears to be speaking to Yazire Pinedo. The 25-year-old woman landed contracts worth $14,000 this year to do archive and administrative work for the government.



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