Peru’s chief of staff stashed $20,000 in bathroom

Prosecutors in Peru have found $20,000 (£15,000) stashed in a bathroom inside the presidential palace. The prosecutors raided the palace on Friday as part of an investigation into allegations of influence peddling.

Bruno Pacheco, who resigned from his post as President Pedro Castillo’s chief of staff on Friday, told investigators that the money was his but denied any wrongdoing.

He said that the stash was a combination of his savings and salary.

Mr Pacheco’s monthly salary amounts to 25,000 soles ($6,250; £4,600), an official document reveals.

According to the document, he did not tell investigators why he kept such a large amount of dollars in the bathroom of his office.

The raid was part of an investigation into allegations that Mr Pacheco pressured the head of Peru’s tax and customs agency to give certain companies run by his friends more favourable terms. Mr Pacheco denies the allegations.

President Castillo named a new chief of staff to replace Mr Pacheco on Tuesday.



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