Peru president Castillo avoids impeachment attempt

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo has avoided an impeachment attempt, with the South American country’s Congress voting against a motion to move forward with the proceedings.

The motion, which was introduced in October by right-wing parties, was voted down 76-46 on Tuesday as protests both for and against the left-wing leader filled the streets of the capital Lima.

Castillo was elected by a razor-thin margin in July but has seen his popularity plummet amid corruption allegations and widespread protests in mining communities.

Castillo’s party, Peru Libre, rallied behind him on Monday, despite clashing with him over policy and at one point considering supporting the effort to remove him from office. They called the attempt a right-wing coup.

“The impeachment motion failed, fascism failed, the parliamentary blow to democracy failed,” Peru Libre leader Vladimir Cerron said on Twitter after the vote.



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