People mistake me for Nigerian but I enjoy the attention-Camidoh

Ghanaian singer and sugarcane hitmaker, Camidoh has explained people label him as a Nigerian other than Ghana because of how he sounds, his style, and his vibe. However, Camidoh finds this mistaken identity as genuine love expressed by the people and he enjoys the attention that comes with it.

“People still think I’m Nigerian. Some think I’m Kenyan, but I feel like it’s cool. It’s okay because, the fact that they even look at you or study you and think a certain thing about you, it feels like you have their attention. It feels like people love you and that is the only reason they speculate. So it’s fine.”

The ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker also spoke on his topic choice when making songs, he noted that some song topics aren’t his thing although people, including his mother, have asked him to make songs addressing social issues like galamsey, he prefers songs about life and love.

According to him, he loves LOVE and life is equally beautiful when you picture it differently with all the good things therefore he likes to talk about those.

“I feel like I make records about life situations and all of that. I remember making a song about how people make decisions. I make all those types of stuff. But developmental, I don’t think I will. I only make songs that I’m inspired to do. And I feel like God puts different agendas in the hearts of different people. So, when I’m blessed with a certain topic, I make it.” he said

Camidoh is out with a new song, ‘Slow’, featuring Nigerian musician Magixx, available on all music platforms.



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