Pay your taxes and enjoy many reliefs -GRA  

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) says there are many tax reliefs for Ghanaians who pay and file their tax returns.  Mr. Lawrence Hotsonyame, Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Training and Development Department, said the country had all these services, but citizens might not benefit if they failed to file their tax returns.

Mr. Hotsonyame made this known at a two-day workshop for some selected court reporters in Accra.  The two-day workshop was organised by the GRA in  collaboration with the Judicial Training Institute for selected journalists and Staff of the Communication and Public Affairs Department of GRA.

It was aimed at educating participants on the Judicial System of Ghana, effective reporting of court proceedings and courtroom etiquette, among others. Some of the tax reliefs include Aged and Dependent relief, Marriage relief, Children relief, Disability relief, mortgage relief, Responsibility relief and Cause of Training relief.

He said in the administration of the tax laws, disputes might arise between the taxpayer and GRA which would require resolution by the law courts.   ”It is therefore the expectation that, tax cases brought before the courts should be dealt with expeditiously to ensure fairness and timely collection of taxes due the State,” he said.

The Assistant Commissioner said the GRA was counting on the Judiciary to assist to fulfill its statutory obligations of mobilising tax revenue for national development.

He said with the disputes arising as a result of tax related issues, the Ministry of Finance inaugurated the Independent Tax Appeals Board to provide a clear mechanism for resolution.  The establishment of the board is part of Government’s initiative to transform revenue administrations and enhance revenue mobilization.

“It is to provide an alternative tax dispute mechanism in the country,  instill confidence in investors by providing a neutral entity for the resolution of tax disputes and relieve the Ministry of Finance from having to mediate or resolve tax disputes between GRA and taxpayers.

The Board was established in accordance with the Revenue Administration (Amendment) Act,  2020 (Act 1029).”

He said the GRA aimed to become a world class revenue administration institution with professionalism, integrity and excellence. According to him, the GRA has commenced an aggressive automation drive and appealed to the public to assist the authority by paying their taxes regularly to propel development.

Mr. Yaw Boadu-Ayebuafoh, Chairman of the National Media Commission, said using the media to inform or educate the public about GRA and taxpayers was one of the positive ways to enhance awareness about the Constitutional imperative of open declaration of incomes.

“As journalists, we must deploy our skills to consciously enable the people understand the work of GRA. We must also stimulate change with our reportage on tax issues,” he added.

Source: GNA


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