Party School for NPP youth wing to open soon -National Chairman

Stephen Ntim, National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has indicated that a party school would soon be opened to mentor the youth wing of the Elephant Family.

He said the youth mentorship school would be opened this year to mark the ruling party’s 31st Anniversary.

The National Chairman was speaking at the National Youth Mentorship Forum held under the theme, “Building Youth Leadership for Party and Country,” in Accra on Friday, August 4, 2023.

According to him, the party acknowledged and appreciated the role and important contributions of young people to party politics and nation building, hence the school.

“Over the years, young people who subscribed to our political tradition have been very instrumental in promoting the ideas of our beloved party. You have served the forefront for which the party strategies evolve,” he added.

He admired the youth wing’s devotion, steadfastness, sacrifices, spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the cause of the party, particularly during the 2016 and 2020 General Elections.

Mr. Ntim stated that it was in this regard that the party, in the year 2010, amended its constitution to officially recognise the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON).

Therefore, to keep the youth in line with NPP tradition, a system ought to be created to achieve this aim.

Explaining the importance of the party school, he said through conscious strategies and appreciate monitorship rollout by the party over the years, young people particularly the product of TESCOM and the youth wing, have been able to transition to becoming top players in the country’s body politics.

The National Chairman said the likes of John Boadu, Anthony Kabo, Sammy Awmuoku, Nana Boakye, and Justin Frimpong Kodua are some of the shining examples.

With that, he stayed that the school as part of its standing objective would be committed to identifying and grooming students from the various educational institutions and imbibed in them the kind of leadership that resonant to the 21st century and also inculcate in the core values of centre-right orientation that underpins the NPP political establishment.

The school envisaged in the medium to long term to give training to appointees and potential appointees in NPP government as well as elected officers at national and regional electoral and polling station.

“I encourage each and every one of you to take advantage of this opportunity when the time comes to enroll in the party school” he urged.

Samuel Abu Jinapor, Minister for Land and Natural Resources, said the key to a successful mentorship is patience, hardworking, commitment and perseverance.

While he has not had a structured mentorship but learnt through following those ahead but believes that the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom have shown the way for the NPP to follow.

He said members of the Conservative Party start their political career from school just like TESCON, and progress to a stage called kiss the envelope, attached to the private sector to work, becomes an assistant a member of parliament (brief case), then a parliamentarian, secretary of state (Minister) and a prime minister.

The Conservative principle propels individuals to serve through the ranks, making it the longest serving party in the UK.

He also charged the youth to take the central role of communication and abreast themselves the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mr. Jinapor said: “We really have a big task ahead of us and the task we have ahead of us begins with ourselves. We live in a world which is saturated with information… The National Youth Organiser and his team have a lot of work to do because … garbage in garbage out. Who feed the information is going to determine who carries the youth.

He said if the youth organiser and his team does not control the narrative, they would have themselves to be blamed in case the electorates vote against the party.

“To what extent is the NPP youth wing brainstorming about Artificial intelligence, where one stream of information can be thrown out and get on everybody mobile phone and within a second, and it is put out in a manner that it is believable

Meanwhile, the NPP is more attractive than any political party on the market, albeit the current economic challenges the country finds itself.

He urged Ghanaians to exercise patience with us and give them the opportunity to calibrate the system to bring it back to its feet.

Salam Mustapha, National Youth Organiser, pledged his commitment to stand with the youth of the party through thick and thin.

He also urged the youth to be good ambassadors of the party by recruiting more members because the NPP is the only political party that recognises and rewards hardworking.


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