Pakistan election commission accused of changing voting map to favour ex-PM

Pakistan’s election commission is facing accusations of going through a controversial exercise for redrawing a voting map which favours the comeback of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to power. The commission faced accusations amid allegations of pre-polling rigging and growing doubt over the fairness in the general elections ahead.

The procedure to amend constituency borders, which is known as delimitation, follows on from a recently held census, which was marred by many controversies.

Across the country, nearly 1,300 objections have been raised over the changes proposed by the election commission regarding the constituencies, which includes the merging of the Balochistan districts of Sibi and Harnai into one constituency, although they are 400 km apart with stark climate, culture and demographic differences and no road connections.

As per reports, the election date was also delayed from November to February next year on the pretext of awaited census results, although the opposition alleged that the elections were delayed so that three-time former prime minister Sharif would get more time to return from exile in the United Kingdom and make preparations to run again.



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