Overwhelmed by taxes, Hannah Newman cold store shuts down

A popular and arguably the first cold store to operate in Takoradi, ‘Hannah Newman Cold Store’ shut down three months ago, which led to about hundred workers sent home leaving only the Managing Director and the Accountant on duty run errands for the family business.

The workers were spread around the main freezer point located at Chinese on the road to Sekondi, with the other two stores located in Takoradi.

One of the stores in Takoradi, which, hitherto, served customers from Agona Nkwanta, Apowa, Kwesimintsim and others around Market Circle, has now been converted into a rice distribution point.

Information available to this paper indicates that, following the closure of the three stores, the workers were each paid three months salary by the owner of the business, Charlotte Acquah Newman.

Charlotte Acquah Newman refused to speak to this reporter when contacted on phone.

She did not deny her business had been closed, but failed to explain why.

However, this reporter was reliably informed that the family decided to shut down the business, because it was overwhelmed by taxes.

According to information, taxes paid to the state were overwhelming the cold store, established in 1976, and the family had no choice, but to shut down operations and pay off the entire workforce.

This was after a durbar was held for the entire workforce, during which it was explained to them why the business needed to be shut down having been in existence for 46 years.


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