Okakwei South register was compiled in accordance with NPP constitution -MP

The Member of Parliament for the Okakwei South Constituency, Dakoa Newman, says the compilation of register used in yesterday’s constituency election of the New Patriotic Party was done as directed by the constitution of the party.

She has, therefore, advised anyone who disagrees with the process to follow the due process to have his or her concerned addressed.

During yesterday’s constituency congress of the ruling party, there were reports of some agitations at the Prince of Peace School at Bubuashie, where the elections were scheduled to take place.

The disagreement ensued when some former delegates of the Constituency alleged that their names had been deleted from Party’s register being used to conduct the elections.

The Regional Executives of the Party and the security services however intervened and managed to bring the situation under control. This paved the way for the election to be conducted peacefully.


Speaking to reporters after the voting, Ms. Newman said as a Member of Parliament representing NPP, her prime focus was to unite the party in the constituency to ensure that ‘the eight’ has indeed been broken.

“We have an election ahead of us. We have the ‘eight’ to break. My main focus is to ensure that Okaikwei South comes together and contribute massively to break the eight; for breaking the eight is not only good for the party, but the people of Ghana as a whole,”  said.

In the election itself, which was conducted by the Electoral Commission,   a former Coordinator of the Bubuashie Electoral Area, Mr. Kwame Agyei Asante, was elected Chairman. Some of the delegates told The Chronicle that they were happy calm was quickly restored after the initial agitations for the election to run smoothly.

The Okaikwei South District Officer of the Electoral Commission had earlier told journalists that his outfit relied on the register compiled by the party and that those whose names appear in the register were the only people eligible to vote.


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