Nsein Omanhene, Traditional Council pledges support for MCE

The members of the House at the meeting.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Nzema East Municipal Assembly, Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, has paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of the Nsein Traditional Council (NTC), Awulae Agyefi Kwame III.

The courtesy call coincided with the end of the year traditional meeting of the Traditional Council, which saw chiefs and other elected assembly members of the area present.

Welcoming the MCE, Awulae Agyefi Kwame gave an assurance that the Traditional Council was ready to extend a hand of support and friendship to her to succeed as MCE.

As a council, the Omanhene said they were ready to provide all the necessary support to the MCE and the Assembly, provided she was ready to partner the traditional leaders in the development of the Municipality.

He said, unlike a former MCE and the Member of Parliament (MP), who did not give honor to traditional leaders in their administration, his stool and the chiefs under him were ready to partner the MCE in her duty, provided she was ready to partner them.

“If you come in good faith, we will help you, but if you decide to be selective, you will decide not to set a foot here,” Agyefi Kwame admonished the MCE.

The Nsein Omanhene, therefore, advised the MCE to tread cautiously and set a good example in the discharge of her duties. That aside, she should also avoid being selective in dealing with the traditional rulers.

“Do not decide to be selective. Do unto others as you will want others to do unto you,” Awulae Agyefi Kwame, who is noted for his forthrightness, admonished MCE Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah.

The Nsein Omanhene, MCE, and House members of the house in a group photograph

The Nsein Omanhene also used the opportunity to inform the MCE of a new palace the Traditional Council was putting up.

He also informed the MCE of a fund raising ceremony scheduled for the 18th of December 2021 towards the building of a new clinic for Nsein.

He said his decision to inform the MCE of the new palace was not an invitation to her to support the stool, but that he knew the Assembly was financially strapped; however, he would not reject a helping hand.

The Nsein Omanhene also informed the MCE about other pressing issues, such as a health center and lavatories that were needed for the Nsein community.

Responding, Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah reminded the House that as MCE, she was here to serve the people and not the other way round. She said, considering that she had lived most of her life  as an indigene, she was better placed to offer better services to the Municipality in her capacity as MCE.

The MCE also assured the House that she would be present to support the fund raising ceremony.


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