Nogokpo chief slams Afia Schwarzenegger for publicized visit to the shrine

The chief of Nogokpo, Togbui Amuzu Agbodzalu William has condemned the actions of self-proclaimed comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, who captured her recent journey to the famous Nogokpo shrine. Togbui Amuzu expressed his disaffection for Afia Schwar’s deed in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb on Thursday, June 16. The chief stated that the shrine carries out serious business and therefore is against persons publishing details of their visit on any social media platform. He also labelled the move by Schwarzenegger as “nonsense” adding that her actions can have some consequences on her.

“At Nogokpo Shrine, a lot of people come and we help a lot of people. We don’t tolerate that nonsense she is doing because she came to the community to take pictures and videos and shared it online. We don’t tolerate it and that is why I had to tackle it,” Togbui Amuzu asserted.

Prior to the interview, Togbui Amuzu on June 15, released a statement on Facebook to slam Afia Schwar for publishing her Monday visit to the shrine on her social media platforms after she announced to have taken ‘spiritual’ action against some persons.



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