“Nobody will stop us” from destroying Hamas, as Israel marks 100 days of war -Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed “nobody will stop us” from destroying Hamas as the war between Israel and the militant group reached its 100th day.

Netanyahu suggested that Israel would not comply with the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where Israel is accused of genocide and could be ordered to halt its offensive.

“Nobody will stop us – not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anybody else,” he emphasized during a press briefing on Saturday, referring to Iran and its aligned groups across the Middle East.

Netanyahu said the genocide claims, brought by South Africa on Thursday, were a “hypocritical onslaught,” adding that it was “at the behest of those who came to perpetrate another Holocaust against the Jews”

This “is a moral low point in the history of nations,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister also claimed several antisemitic items were found in Hamas tunnels in Gaza, including copies of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” In addition, Netanyahu said, “in a home in Gaza, they found a child’s tablet with a picture of Hitler as the screensaver.”

Netanyahu stated that while antisemitism is the same, the Jewish people are different and will fight “until the end.”

Credit: cnn.com


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