Nila Dance Academy organises maiden dancing competition

Nila Dance Academy (NDA) has organised its maiden dancing competition award ceremony in Ghana, for children in various age categories. The competition was to prepare the children for a lifelong career.

NDA awarded the various dancing groups, who were able to blend different cultures – Ghana, India, Lebanon and others – into a harmonised and beautiful body movements with plaques and trophies.

Anu Param, Chief Executive of NDA, told journalists in Accra on Friday that the programme originated from India some seven years ago, but was introduced to the Ghana public two years ago.

The significance of the award scheme was for the preservation of cultures in the face of modern trends. She looks forward to encourage more young people to develop a career in the entertainment field, whilst preserving their cultures.

Ben Annane-Nsiah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Tourism Authority said the event has a great potential to boost tourism in the country by blending the Afro cultures with other parts of the world.

He described the event as an exhibition of an aspect of the Indian culture dance, induced with the Ghanaian Afrobeats.

Mr. Annane-Nsiah added the event was nothing short of tourism, craft and the performing Arts, “and it creates the platform for interaction and exchanges.”

He said the Tourism Authority expect that by this event there can be exchange of Ghanaian dances or an opportunity for Ghanaian dances to be displayed in India “and this is what created the platform for tourism.

Because it is the curiosity about the diversity of the other places through things such as this that people get to know that there are other things that we can do elsewhere and it stimulate the floor of people coming here for variety of reasons including trying to satisfy themselves with something they have seen about the country.”

The deputy CEO added that the benefit goes beyond entertainment, but equally serve as an initial step to trade and investments.


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