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Nicaragua detains critic of President Ortega


Nicaragua’s former ambassador to the Organization of American States – who has been critical of President Daniel Ortega – has been detained in Managua, according to his wife and a human rights observer.

Edgard Parrales was picked up by identified men near his home on Monday, his wife, Carmen Dolores Cordova, and Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights President Vilma Nunez said.

“They captured him at his home, they were not policemen in uniforms but two people in civilian clothes who took him away by car,” Nunez said.

Parrales had been one of just a handful of political analysts willing to openly criticise Ortega, who has been accused of a widespread crackdown on dissent, in recent months.

He had decried as “nonsensical” Ortega’s announcement of plans to withdraw from the OAS, a regional body that has accused Ortega’s government of acts of repression and of rigging elections earlier this month.




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