NGO uses B-BOVID farms as a yardstick for domestic tourism

The Coordinator for Good Governance Africa, Edward Tei Sarpong, has adopted B-BOVID farms as strategic partner to improve local tourism.

He said Good Governance Africa – a non for profit organisation – was engaging B-BOVID farms due to its deployment of new agriculture modules to make farming more attractive to the youth in particular.

Mr Sarpong was impressed about how B-BOVID farms management had assiduously used this module, social inclusive entrepreneurship, to change the negative narrative about farming practices.

He said while leading a group of school children to visit B-BOVID at Angu in the Shama District of Western Region, last week, in a continuous effort to celebrate farmers and cultivates young people’s interests in the sector.

Per the effort invested into B-BOVID farms, he believes it was high time the government supported the entrepreneur to expand the scope of his business and ideas to benefit more Ghanaians.

One takeaway lesson and instrument of change that Mr Sarpong-led-group received was about how the social inclusive module had helped the agriculture space with farmer information, reforms and transformation of their activities.

“This new social inclusive module of farming, he noted, would keep the farmers active, proactive and productive.

“What we have been doing with B-BOVID in the last seven years, is to introduce people to his new concept of farming geared towards training farmers on sustainable Agriculture,” he said.

He explained that the NGO was connecting governance with tourism and farming, to promote agriculture, as “it is an aspect of our lives that borders on our existence and sustenance”

B-BOVID farms received other visitors to tour the property, as part of education and entrepreneurship impaction.

Issa Ouedraogo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B-BOVID, was praised for how he managed from little beginnings to bring huge transformation into the agriculture sector.

His efforts had brought life to social entrepreneurship through the establishment of ICT center for farmers, a mechanisation center, an alternative livelihood center and a factory – operating solely as a socially inclusive business.

Issa Ouedraogo has invested about US$1.7 million into the Ghanaian economy to create a 15 acre ecological biodiversity garden, three dams and introduced smart agricultural technology for future farming.

Most of the domestic tourists who visited B-BOVID farms urged the government and local authorities to recognise and celebrate Mr Ouedraogo for his innovation and patriotism.


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