NGO organises free skills training for some Accra residents

The Greater Ghana Convention (GGC) has organised its maiden edition of free skills for some 15 people in Accra, as part of efforts to tackle unemployment among the populace of the country.

The participants had the benefit of learning how to make 11 products including brown sugar, soda drinks, massaging balm or ointment, washing powder, bar soap, bleach and clothes softener.

A participant being assisted to make liquid soap

The others are liquid soap, floor cleaner, antiseptic and shower gel.

Priscilla Gyekye, Administrator of GGC, urged on the participants last week Thursday to put into practice the skills that they have acquired.

She proposed a joint venture or community business as one of the resourceful ways to mobilise funds to start their trade.

Madam Gyekye explained that sole proprietorship may not necessarily work for all start-ups, particularly if the beginner is a low income earner or unemployed.

She added that joint ventures or community business afford individuals the opportunity to complement each other by  pooling  their resources – knowledge, funds, skills, marketing, tools, among others – together into a single pool.

Additionally, she noted that giving the citizens economic power is a fundamental right, and a ticket to weaning them off over dependance on the government.

Madam Gyekye stated that over dependence on the government had given politicians the room to lord over the people instead of being their servants.

The GGC Administrator hoped that the training session would go a long way to alleviate poverty, engender economic inclusivity, and empower the people to be gatekeepers of the country’s destiny.

She also thanked the facilitators, Presam Cleanz Ventures, and invited all benevolent members of the society to support GGC, as one of the non-profit organisations poised to engineer economic power and growth of the people.

Precious Rita Asamaning, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Presam Cleanz Ventures, urged members of the public to always take advantage of training skills to enhance their lives.

She said skills acquisition comes with numerous benefits including; providing additional stream of income and reducing household expenditure on products that can be made at home.

Madam Asamaning noted that most of the participants were not even aware that some products could be made in a little over five minutes.

However, she was happy that the training was an eye opener to the participants and was impressed about their enthusiasm to learn something new.

While the participants cannot master all the 11 products they were trained in, they were expected to engage in one or two that would fit into their budgets or they should start the manufacturing process gradually.

“For a product like liquid soap, all you need is a start-up capital of GH¢100.00 and you are good to go. Other things will follow through your persistency, perseverance and hardworking,” she urged. This was to encourage the participants that huge capital should not be a barricade for their desire to start a business or trade.

The participants were assured of a continuous support after the training and how to register their products. Samuel Cudjoe, Managing director of Predam Cleanz Ventures added that it was a great honour that they were invited by GGC to facilitate the event.

He said their main goal was to provide skills training and it had been their hallmark since 2017.Mr. Cudjoe stressed that it was an honour and a privilege that they supported participants to acquire skills careers.


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