Newmont’s Annual ‘Read to Inspire’ Project Enhances Literacy in Community Schools

Newmont’s Women and Allies Business Resource Group (BRG) in Ahafo recently conducted its annual ‘Read to Inspire’ outreach program, aimed at fostering a love for reading and improving literacy among basic school students in the Ahafo mine and Ahafo North projects’ host communities. Through this initiative the group provides books, resources, and mentorship to selected schools in need.

This year, the BRG distributed over 10,000 exercise books, textbooks, and other stationery to five schools, along with volunteers who engaged in reading sessions with students. Since 2017, the Women and Allies BRG has supported schools in Newmont’s host communities through donations and mentoring for Basic and Junior High School (JHS) students.

The stationery items, voluntarily donated by employees and contractors, not only support educational needs but also introduce junior high students to potential careers in the mining industry.

Newmont’s Women and Allies Business Resource Group (BRG) is one of the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives aimed at fostering a supportive and inclusive environment within the organization. The group focuses on empowering women and their allies through various initiatives, activities, and programmes.

The schools selected this year included Afrisipakrom Roman Catholic Cluster of Schools, Susuanso Roman Catholic, Susuanso Presbyterian School, and the Methodist and Roman Catholic Basic Schools in Kenyasi No. 1.

Member of BRG interacting with students

Mr. Peter Vaadi, the headmaster of Afrisipakrom Roman Catholic Cluster of Schools, expressed gratitude, saying, “We thank Newmont for its support to communities in this enclave, and we will ensure that the donation is used for its intended purpose. Considering that we just started a new term, this donation will greatly support teaching and learning.”

Similarly, Charlotte Baffour Awuah, headmistress of Susuanso Roman Catholic School, thanked the BRG and highlighted the impact on students preparing for their exams.

At the Methodist Basic School in Kenyasi 1, headmistresses Ruth Kyeremeh and Abina Effa Diawuo, along with Mr. Samuel Boadi of Ramam Catholic, also expressed their appreciation and committed to using the supplies effectively.

Knowing the value of educational resources, Newmont Women and Allies BRG has continuously invested in such programmes to support literacy and child education. Over the years, Newmont has driven various literacy and educational initiatives in its host communities, including the Newmont Gold-4-Gold Childhood Reading Literacy Programme.

Launched in partnership with United Way Ghana and the Ghana Library Authority in 2019, this program aims to enhance literacy among lower primary children in targeted communities.



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