NCCE to GIS: defend the constitution

In order to avoid the overthrow of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has taken its role of educating the public on defending the constitution to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Mr Akuamoah presenting some toiletories to the GIS

According to the Deputy Chairman of the NCCE, Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah, the purpose of educating the security services including the GIS is as a result of the major role they played in toppling civilian governments.

He noted that all three constitutions that the country had before the coming into force of the 1992 constitution were overthrown by security services hence the need to sensitise them to defend the constitution against any form of extremism.

“So this year, the security agencies visiting them have become a ritual. Every year we visit them but there is reason for it. In the past they have played the role in toppling civilian governments…We believe that we need to educate them, to engage them for them to ventilate whatever they have pent-up in them so that we will be able to diffuse them…,” Mr Akuamoah said.

Some GIS management in a group picture with the NCCE Deputy Chairman, Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah

He was speaking at the 2023 Annual Constitution Week Celebration at the headquarters of the GIS in Accra, yesterday.

The theme for the event was: “Thirty years of consolidating constitutional democracy: Building national cohesion through civic education and participation in local governance.”

Addressing officers who gathered at the event, Mr Akuamoah noted that there are so many insecurities in the sub-region, therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the bandits engaged in those extremist acts do not infiltrate the country.

He indicated that the immigration service is the institution that protects Ghana’s borders and any group wanting to infiltrate the country would have contended with them, hence the need to sensitise GIS officers on choosing the constitution over any other.

Mr Akuamoah said he was not oblivious of the numerous challenges that have accompanied the implementation of Ghana’s constitutional democracy for the past 30 years, but yet democratic rule is the way to go.

He said if the security services want any change, they should think of amendments rather than overthrowing the constitution like what happened in the past.

GIS officers and personnel at the event

“These thirty years of uninterrupted constitutional democracy has come with challenges, but the way to go is not through coups, but rather effecting changes in the constitution through dialogue and any other means that will serve the country better, “ the NCCE Deputy Chair said.

The Comptroller-General of GIS, Mr Kwame Asuah Takyi, who had a speech read on his behalf by the Deputy-Comptroller in charge of Finance and Administration, Mr Issac Owusu Mensah, charged his men to renew their commitments to upholding the principles of the constitution because it is the foundation upon which our nation was built.

“As we celebrate the week, let reflect on the significance of the constitution and renew

our commitment to upholding its principles.

“Let us remember the struggles of our fore fathers in fighting for our independence and the importance of preserving the democratic gains that have been made since then, “he said.

He again beseeched his men to educate themselves and their peers on the provisions of the constitution and engage in constructive dialogue on issues affecting the nation and work towards finding solutions that uphold the principles of the constitution.

“In conclusion, let us all remember the importance of the constitution in shaping our nation and upholding our rights as citizens…,” he added.

Meanwhile, the NCCE also donated some toiletries to the service to help them keep a hygienic environment in their various offices.


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