Nathaniel Attoh makes debut acting on ‘Dede’

Sports Journalist and broadcaster, Nathaniel’ Citizen’ Attoh, has made his debut on Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s hit tv series ‘Dede’.

‘Dede’ tells the intriguing story of a naive rural teenage girl deceived and encouraged by her stepmother to abandon her family for a job as a servant in a complicated wealthy family.

The resourceful young maid eventually falls in love with Michael, the youngest son in the Robertson household.

In a murder case against Michael Robertson, Citizen Attoh delivers a brilliant performance as Lawyer Henry Quartey, a state prosecutor.

Nathaniel Attoh is widely respected for his credentials as an impeccable MC and an eloquent broadcaster. He is also known for his flawless sense of fashion.

What he has failed to do over the years is scratch the surface of his acting talent.

To activate it, he received a call from Award-winning Producer, Shirley Frimpong-Manso who discovered Attoh’ss acting prowess in some skits for TV and social media promotions.

Expressing how he feels about his debut, Citizen Attoh said, “I believe in doing things in stages and I believe in doing things pragmatically…so we are going to move stage by stage”.



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