Nana Benyin XIII constructs Brebia –Miesa roads

The Dehyena Royal family of Agyendam, led by Nana Benyin XIII, has sponsored the construction of a new road from Agyendam Adawuram (Brebia), which is under his reign to Miensa.

This great initiative from the chief would ensure that for the first time in the history of the two farming communities, an access road has been created to enable vehicles to move from one town to the other.

Hitherto, inhabitants always had to cover the about five kilometres distance on foot because there was no vehicular access road, which created a challenge for those with walking difficulties and the aged.

Additionally, those who needed to move from Brebia to Miensa and vice versa at all costs, but could not walk, first had to pick a car from their destination to Amosima, which always overburdened them.


Speaking to The Chronicle, Nana Benyin XIII explained that the people in the two communities have been deprived of a common access road to link them up for a very long time and this, he said, affected their movements.

“The Dehyena Royal Family therefore decided to do this as a means to ensure that inhabitants of the two communities can easily commute so that they could easily trade among themselves and engage in a lot of social events and other activities that bond them together.

The construction of the road will definitely open the area to business as far as trading of their produce is concerned, as cars can now pass through one town to the other without any impediment, like it was previously”, he stated.

Grading of other town roads

The Dehyena Royal Family has also paid for the grading of local roads that network the Agyendam community and other local communities around for ease of movements. The Dehyena Royal and Nana Benyin XIII, on their own initiative, graded the feeder roads from Asebu to Mframandwe, Agyendam Ahenkrom through to Ebu Junction.

This has made the roads usable and drivers are happy to ply on it daily, a situation that hitherto, was a major challenge to commuters and drivers as well.

According to the chief, “this initiative was taken to solve basic societal problems because we anxiously could not keep relying on government to come especially since we know the plights of our people.

I vowed to serve my people and whatever I am doing today is geared towards that promise and I will not renege but will continue to do things that will improve the livelihood of the people”. He added.

Last year, Nana Benyin XIII officially cut sod to construct an ultramodern school for the Agyendam Community as part of his vision to improve the standard of education in the town.

The facility would consist of a six-unit classroom block for Basic Stage One, BS1 to Basic Stage Six BS6 with staff common room for teachers, a library and an office for the head teacher of the school

Nana Benyin XIII has already instituted a day-care centre with teachers he paid from his own resources to take care of the pre-school children in the community.

The purpose has been to ensure that mothers, mostly farmers, could leave their children safely at the centre to go to their farms and pick them up when they return.


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