My trip to the Volta Region; an intimate view of the Ghanaian landscape

The Volta Region’s sublime scenery of waterfalls, tall mountains and lush greenery leaves visitors star-struck and hungry for more.

Bordering the country of Togo to the East, and the Eastern and Greater Accra regions to the West, the Volta Region is an attractive site for tourists who desire to explore the nature of Ghana.

Wli Waterfalls

I was given the opportunity to discover Wli Waterfalls in the tropical forest near Hohoe. This is the highest waterfall in West Africa. It was a 30-minute walk from the parking lot to the main site. On the way, we encountered fruit trees and wildlife; we saw bats and many bird species as well.

I was attracted to the jungle core of Ghana since arriving and was ecstatic to hear I would be exploring this more intensely in the Volta Region. As an Oregon resident, I missed the accessibility to nature and the Pacific Northwest landscape. Oregon residents are known for their love of the outdoors and nature activities. I did not realise how much I embodied the Oregon spirit since I found myself feeling quite outdoor-deprived in the City of Accra.

However, there are aspects of the Ghanaian landscape that Oregon lacks. The water in Wli Waterfalls is warm. This was reliving coming from Oregon. The Oregon waterfalls, lakes and ocean are very cold. The biggest difference in both landscapes is the temperature. Oregon is also very green and lush like Ghana. However, it is significantly colder. This can make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities at times.

For Ghana, this is not an obstacle. The temperature in the wet season creates an inviting space for tourists to enjoy this scenery, and take advantage of outdoor opportunities. I found myself imagining how Ghanaians lived in this nature. I noticed the strength that the village people of the Volta Region possessed living in this nature.

For example, my cohort hiked the highest mountain in Ghana, Mount Afadja. On the way up, all of my colleagues were sweating and breathing heavily. The two Ghanaian tour guides, who accompanied us on our journey, did not break a sweat.

In fact, one of the men wore Beck sandals. It is evident that the Ghanaians in the Volta Region cultivated hardiness and elite physical fitness as ways of survival in this environment.

By McKenzie Days


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