My songs have more appeal in French-speaking countries                     -Magnom

Singer and record producer, Magnom, says the majority of people who form his fanbase are nationals from French-speaking countries.

Magnom, who was speaking in an interview with A.J. Sarpong on Citi TV‘s ‘The Chat’ show, noted that his new single, titled ‘Je Taime Too’ is dedicated to his massive following of French-speaking people who are the largest consumers of his music.

Explaining the use of French words in his lyrics, Magnom said “my music is consumed the most in Francophone countries,” and thus speaking the language will help to further boost his appeal overseas.

With over 13 million views on YouTube alone, Magnom’s 2017 song My Baby, featuring rapper Joey B, became a major international hit, especially in Mauritius and Haiti.

The ace producer said, having noticed his international appeal, he is currently working with different singers and producers from other countries to promote Afropop globally.

Je taime Too is an international collaboration featuring Avi S and Sish.

Magnom also announced that his much-awaited EP titled ‘Tropical Island’ will finally be released in December 2021 to coincide with the Christmas holidays.



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