My image has been affected by negative media reports – Mzbel

The 16-year-old hitmaker, Mzbel has expressed how negative media reports about her have adversely affected her career.

In an interview on JoyPrime which was monitored by The Chronicle, Mzbel said such reports have had a detrimental impact on her image, causing her to lose business opportunities and deals with organisations.

According to Mzbel, the media tends to focus on negative and controversial stories about her, which in turn affects her public image and this has made it difficult for her to secure partnerships with brands and organisations that may not want to be associated with someone seen as controversial.

“It’s really broken me business-wise because most brands don’t want to be associated with somebody who is being negatively controversial. Anytime Mzbel is trending, it’s something negative. So, it really affected me, and sometimes when I ran into trouble, instead of the media reporting me in their favor, they made it seem as if I deserved it” Mzbel stated.

Recounting her grievance after an attack at a performance at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in 2005, she mentioned that she was attacked by students during a performance, however, some media reportage instead of sympathizing with her blamed her for the incident and criticized her attire.

“They made it look like it’s because of the way I dressed, and I deserved it,” she said.

This contributed hugely to her missing out on business opportunities and partnerships with companies that were initially interested in contracting her.

Mzbel acknowledged that she is not against the media reporting on controversial stories about celebrities, but she hopes that such reporting can be minimized to allow artists like her to secure business deals and partnerships without being negatively affected by media coverage.


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