My father asked who Kidi is when we kissed in movie

Aside from feeling uncomfortable with watching her kissing scene with Singer Kidi in the ‘Sugar Project,’ Songstress Cina Soul has further revealed that her dad questioned her about Kidi when he saw the movie.

Speaking on United Showbiz on UTV which was monitored by The Chronicle, Cina Soul says her father asked her “and who is that boy?” upon seeing the passionate kiss with his daughter in the scene.

Kidi who was present on the Show also mentioned that anytime he sees the scene, he is as well shocked that happened during the shoot.

According to Cina Soul, anytime she sees the scene, the thought of her family members, especially parents seeing it too makes her extremely uncomfortable.

She admitted on the show that the kissing was great and felt good.

The duo are speculated to be in a relationship following Kidi’s project.


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