My clothes are from Kantamanto ‘foose’ -Black Sherif

Black Sherif who is known for a unique style of dressing has mentioned that he is still styled by his friends at Kantamanto, a popular suburb in Ghana known for second hand clothing better known as ‘foose.’

In an interview on Nana Ama McBrown’s Onua Showtime, Black Sherif shared insights into his fashion journey, acknowledging his friends in Kantamanto, a bustling second-hand clothing market, for curating his unique outfits.

“I work with my boys in Kanta, my boys who sell clothes are in Kantamanto, and they make the best selection for me. My boys Kijo and Co,” Black Sheriff revealed, highlighting the collaborative effort involved in selecting his outfits.

Expressing a preference for teamwork, Black Sherif drew a parallel to cinematic examples: “We think together. I love the teamwork. When you watch Avatar and the likes, you see how they work together. It’s all about the style and being creative about all you wear.”

Despite relying on second-hand fashion, Black Sherif teased a fashion deal with an Italian brand, scheduled for unveiling next year. This revelation showcases the growing recognition of his unique style, which typically includes signature elements like black boots, sun hats, denim-on-denim ensembles, a black bandana necktie, and beanie hats.


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