Music success is tied to financial investments and resource allocation, not language – Edem

Renowned Ghanaian musician Edem has shared that the role of language in the music industry transcends linguistic boundaries, emphasizing that success in the industry is more about financial investments and resource allocation than the language in which the music is delivered.

Edem’s perspective comes in response to Nigerian gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey’s suggestion that Ghanaian gospel musicians could reach a broader audience by singing more in English. While acknowledging Bassey’s comment, he maintains that language is just one aspect and not the sole determinant of an artist’s global impact. Edem submitted on UTV Showbiz Night emphasized that success in the music industry is intricately tied to financial investments and resource allocation.

In this view, financial constraints, rather than language barriers, pose a more significant hurdle for many musicians stressing that, regardless of the language, an artist’s ability to cross borders is closely tied to having the necessary resources and primary market recognition.

Acknowledging that musicians naturally gravitate towards languages that convey their messages accurately, Edem emphasized the importance of artists feeling comfortable in their chosen languages.

He argued that an artist’s proficiency in conveying their message is paramount, irrespective of the language chosen.“I acknowledge Nathaniel’s comment but you must back it with financial investments and adequate resources because no matter the English you sing without the necessary resources and primary market recognition your music won’t cross borders”

“Do what you are capable of, that is how to give your best so people comfortable singing in English should do that and those comfortable singing in other dialects should also do that exceptionally but in all of these you need the resources to put you on the bigger stage.”

Edem advised artists to leverage their strengths and capabilities, emphasizing that the ease with which a message is conveyed is crucial whether comfortable singing in English or other dialects, he urged artists to focus on their unique abilities and express themselves authentically.

“As a composer what comes easy to you is what you go with. Translating proverbs or messages into English might not always capture the essence of the original expression instead, artists should focus on what comes most naturally to them to deliver their best work and not what Nathaniel Bassey is saying”



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