Music producers must be paid well –Kwesi Arthur

Versatile Ghanaian artist, Kwesi Arthur, says music producers in the country must be well remunerated because the amounts they are paid are not good enough. In an interview with, the rapper and singer, who has just released an album dubbed “Son of Jacob,” said producers deserve more than they get from their work.

“There is more that could be done. Most of the producers get paid a certain amount and that is it. They don’t get any royalties or anything and the amount they are paid is not good at all.”

He pointed out that when he looks at what goes on behind the scenes, it is largely the artists and the record labels that benefit from the songs mostly.

“I feel like there’s more that could be done to compensate our producers fairly and keep them going. I see some of the things that goes on in the background and most at times, the artists are the ones who get most of the funds or the label. Producers too should get something.”

Kwesi Arthur big-upped the producers who assisted him to complete his first studio album. To him, their contributions were “instrumental” and without them the project wouldn’t have been what it is. Producers have often complained about the seeming disregard of their input in the music industry.

In an interview on HitzFm last month, renowned music producer, Wei Ye Oteng, lamented about the wages producers get for their work, describing it as unreasonable.

“Sometimes the charges that our artistes in this country would want to pay for that quality, oh my God, it’s so absurd… it’s sad.”

“Most of the musicians in this country do not pay the engineers well.”



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