MTN launches 2023 Y’ello Care campaign

MTN Ghana has launched this year’s 21- day Y’ello care campaign, which focuses on the disadvantaged groups, especially the disabled and women in society by do social community work to enrich lives of the people.

Staff of the company would engage with communities and help to build schools, plant trees and train the youth and young entrepreneurs in dressmaking and tailoring, beads making, make-ups and in the preparation of soaps, detergents and online digital marketing.

Mr. Simon Amoh, Senior Commercial Manager, Northern Business Sector disclosed that volunteering through Y’ello Care is a rewarding exercise, as MTN gives back to their communities and make a difference in someone else’s life.

He noted that, from the corporate perspective, it lends credence to their belief that MTN Ghana really do care and that Y’ello Care symbolises the company’s strong commitment to walk the talk when it comes to contributing to society in a meaningful way.

He was of the view that, it is time to pause, connect and strengthen their ties with their host communities, which is a call to serve those who are less privileged than they are.

The Commercial Manager disclosed that, The Y’ello Care programme, has been running for the past 16 years from June 1 to June 21each year, and  have maintained a steady commitment, enthusiasm and a sense of  purpose in the activities that they have engaged in.

He commended the Y’ello care in improving the lives of the underserved communities with much needed resources and skills to improve their circumstances.

He revealed that Y’ello care has done everything from constructing, refurbishing, painting, and remodelling dilapidated school blocks, building ICT centres and libraries in selected communities, to donating school bags and learning materials to children in deprived schools across the country.

“We have cleaned riverbanks and beaches, raised environmental awareness and promoted ecotourism projects such as bird watching and keeping with our commitment to proper waste management practice,” he stressed.

MTN volunteers have harvested over 100,000 waste plastic bottles for recycling into building and pavement blocks.

In the area of skills MTN have, through Y’ello Care, up skilled head porters and some young people by providing them with basic reading skills, training in soap and bleach making, bead making, batik production and leather works.


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