Mr. Logic and Bullgod clash over Hajia 4real’s $2m romance scandal

Entertainment pundits, Mr.Logic and Bullgod engaged in a heated banter over socialite and musician Hajia 4real’s alleged romance sandal.

Hajia 4real has been in the news for an alleged $ 2 million romance scandal and has been extradited from the UK to the US to face charges.

According to information by Federal prosecutors, the Ghanaian socialite, real name Mona Faiz Montage appeared in federal court in Manhattan to face the jury

The break of news has sparked a lot of conversation around the issue, having social media users and a section of Ghanaians have their opinion on the issue.

Speaking on UTV’s showbiz night, Mr. Logic chastized Bullgod and people who defend Hajia 4real, saying that she called for the bullet if she hadn’t pulled the trigger.

“Stop defending the issue and speak real to it, official authorities of the US and UK aren’t fools, before they arrest someone, all background lntels and facts are checked and so don’t make it look like she might not be guilty”

“You were charged with murder and people had their conversations around you believing their opinions but it didn’t change the narrative that you were charged

“We all love Hajia 4real but let’s have the real conversations and stop trying to defend the charges against her”



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